To Build, or not to Build? – Planning Tips for House Renovations

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It’s a project that’s been on your mind for a while! You can visualise how it will look, you see it in your dreams, but when it comes to making your model home into a reality, you are lacking the know-how to getting your idea off the ground.

TV shows like Grand Designs make it look so easy, but where to start? There are many factors to consider when starting your first renovations to your property. Take a look at our handy hints to help you get started.

Consider the feasibility

Before you consider the planning stages of an application, take a look at what you are looking to achieve, and whether it is possible with the existing structure of your property. Will it cause problems for your neighbours? Will it be in-keeping with the rest of the property? Do you require local planning regulations? And most importantly, will it be financially viable? These are all key questions that need to be considered before the real work begins!

Get your planning permission

Planning for the construction of a property doesn’t have to be detailed task. The more planning you do, the more chance you have of getting your project through to the successful completion stages. Use a planning expert if you are unsure of the feasibility of your build is recommended. They will also be able to make suggestions, or tell you if an idea needs re-working.

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint?

Are you considering making your home a sustainable one? Reducing your carbon footprint is very much a priority when it comes building a sustainable building. Under the Government’s Code for sustainable homes, all new houses now have to comply with a mandatory minimum sustainability requirement. Ensure you take these factors into an account when planning your build.

Consider building regulations and warranties

Whether you are planning on building yourself or whether you are hiring in contractors, the Department for Communities and Local Government is responsible for Building Regulations and will be able to guide you on what you will need once you start building your project.

Get your finances in order

Be sure of how much you want to spend and allow a safety net. In addition to a variety of government initiates, there are also a wide variety of lenders prepared to offer mortgage funding for self build projects. Ensure you visit your bank and find out what options are available to you before you start the planning process.

Making the correct choice of supplier for you’re the planning of your building is critical. At TBS Cornwall Planning, we are dedicated to sitting down with our clients and listening to their project requirements. We also have great relationships with local suppliers to help you start your project the right foot.

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